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The Muslims of the District are the descendants of the early colonists from Arabia. They first settled along the sea coast, chiefly in Kilakarai, Davipatinam, Mantapam, Pamban and other places which enabled them to trade freely with Ceylon and gradually extended their colonies into the interior of the District. They have adopted Tamil as their language. Some great Tamil poets hail from them. In this city there is a fine mosque, built of stone, and it has also large quantities of grapes and excellent pomegranates. Here the pious Shaykh Mohammed of Nishapur, one of the crazy darwishes who let their hair hang loose over their shoulders. He had a lion with him which he had tamed, and which used to eat and sit along with the darwishes. Accompanying him were about thirty darwishes. One of whom had a gazelle. Through the gazelle and the lion used to be together in the same place the lion did not molest.
Mosques at Kilakarai ::
The places that are situated nearKilakarai
Ramanathapuram ::
Apart from being the district headquarters, this is an ancient town from where the Sethupathi ruled their territory. The Ramalinga Vilasam palace, paintings and the tomb of Thayumana Swamigal,a philosopher saint, are worth visiting.

Ervadi Dargah ::
Ervadi which is situated at 8 kilometres away from Kilakarai. The tomb of Ibraham Syed Aulia is visited by the Muslim pilgrims from other states, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Singapore. The annual festival in honour of this saint takes place in December.
Uthirakosamangai ::
There is an ancient Siva Temple here, Where the deity is carved in Emerald. The annual "Arudhra" festival in December attracts a large number of tourists.


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