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Kilakarai is one of the greatest historical coastal city, situated in the southern part of Tamilnadu. Appa Tivu is exactly opposite to this Coastal City. The NallaTanni Tivu, Shuli Tivu, Uppu Tanni Tivu were situated in the South -West part of the City. Talari Tivu, Musal Tivu were also situated in the South- East part of the city.
Kilakarai residents include Sunni Muslims, Hindus of Devar, Nadar, etc and other communities such as Christians and Harijans living in harmony. Kilakarai, reminiscent of Spanish Moorish architecture is close to the Temple town of Rameswaram.
Kilakarai People main occupation is Pearl fisheries. It was closely followed by Conch trade. The famous ervadi Dhargah is situated in the Western part of Kilakarai and Sethukkarai is situated in the Eastern part of Kilakarai. The generous person Seethakathi was lived in the southern part of Kilakarai.

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